MacZot/MacPak guessing game

Disclosure: I’ve bought several apps through MacZot. I have no problem with their business model and think that if Indie developers want to market this way, let ‘em.

So MacZot and MacPak are offering up a mystery bundle to whip software lovers into a froth. Judging by the success of MacHeist, these sorts of things are sticking around for awhile.

No one will turn down a deal if it’s offered but the key here is “the big reveal”. It’s the mystery more than the meat. If we all knew which apps were up for grabs, we might be less likely to go for the bundle. But the mere thought that we might be missing out on something fantastic in there just gets us in a lather.

Not to spoil the fun but it looks like MacZot has left a small clue that may give at least some of these apps away: the prices.

Prices, of course, can change or be shared among similar apps but when the development community is small, it can be easy enough to pinpoint what’s being offered. So without further ado, here are my picks for the mystery apps in the MacPak:

A $49.99 business/writing utility – MarinerWrite
An $18.00 game – DanLab’s Pharaoh’s Gold perhaps?
A $21.50 iChat add-on – No idea here. Can’t find anything.
A $15.00 tool for your photos – WebPhotos
A $49.99 organizational aid – iBiz

Again, just totally guessing here.

posted at - 10:49 pm - 5/17/2007

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